Chapter 73

Lysander's Point of View

Work was a slump. Code drifted over the screen. I would type furiously, knowing what I had to do by heart. Mundane. Easy. Like any other day. But she kept popping into my mind. What I had said to her. What mother had said to me? It all became one big blur. A movie that bled into each other.

After some time, I couldn't distinguish between what was said and what was reality. It was an awful feeling. The feeling of being trapped inside this place. Not just this place but this life and all of the choices that came with it.

If I were someone else, things would have gone smoothly. I would have found my mate at the supermarket. She would have been a teacher. Shy. Caring. Soft-spoken. We would have mated within the week. Maybe have children within the year. That would have been ideal. After a while, she would quit her job and I would be the breadwinner. Pamper her until she knew nothing else.

Instead, I had ended up with Nerezza. Strong-willed. Fire in her veins and i
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