Chapter 75

Nerezza's Point of View

When I had envisioned Lysander's workplace, this was not it. For some odd reason, I had thought it to be in a basement. Secluded. Multiple balding people hunched over screens with sweat dripping from their foreheads. This was not it. Was so far away from it that I might as well have dropped from heaven and landed in hell.

With windows for walls on the entire side of the building, looking out over Makatza. Glass desk with several state-of-the-art monitors on it. A swiveling chair. Not meant for an office but more for a gamer, ready to conquer his fantasy world. No personal touches. None. Not even a photo of his mother. Or a plant, basking in all of this magnificent sunlight.

Yes, this was far removed from the dark basement.

Lysander dominated the space. Filled up the room with his presence. Here, he was in charge. The lord of this domain. From the people slithering away when he looked at them, he was a strict ruler. The boss no one wanted to cross. That image w
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