Chapter 77

Priamos' Point of View

Being back in Makatza, I was reminded why I had hated it so much to begin with. There were cars everywhere, hooting and accelerating until their exhausts made loud noises. People screaming at each other in the streets. Children playing pranks on the elderly. It was too busy. Too loud. Not an inch of this place had a quiet space. A place to rest and unwind.

I had no idea why I hadn't lost my mind all those years ago. Or maybe I had an idea as to why. Because I had to look after Farren. Drown out the rest of the city as I focussed on my sister. On my work. Money had come in slowly at the beginning. Then, as I crawled up the ladder, it started flowing in.

Then, when Farren went to the hostel to live on campus, I found Nerezza soon after. She also kept me grounded. Made the buzzing around me sound softer. Made the watery streetlights look like fireflies instead. Brightened up an otherwise dull world. So I had kept my sanity by providing for everyone around me. Focus
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