Chapter 78

Nerezza's Point of View

Thanking my lucky stars that Phaedra was nowhere in sight, I stepped into the apartment. My blood was singing in my ears. I could feel my heart hammer against the inside of my chest, begging to be let out instead of caged here.

Stepping forward, I stopped a moment. Looked around, taking it all in. This would be the last time I was here. The last opportunity I had to bask in the glow this life had offered me. The maids had cleaned for the day, that much was evident. Our kitchen sparkled, the smokey quartz sparkling in the countertops. All the crystal wine glasses hung from their perch.

I let my eyes trail to the living room. To the couch I had declared as mine when we had just moved in. It always caught the last rays of sunshine right before the sun sank below the horizon. There was a breeze playing with the curtains.

A lone figure stood out there on the balcony. Watched the gardens beneath. Her hair refracted the moon's light, letting the rainbow play in her
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