Chapter 79

Priamos' Point of View

We had crossed the city in an hour or so. Going from walking to hiking, it took longer than I had thought it would. But we ended up on the west side of the city. Where lawns were manicured like a rich lady's hand. Fountains gurgling water. It was the type of place I would have liked to raise Conan.

From the looks of it, Nerezza had thought the same thing. There were more people jogging this late at night than there were cars on the road. The weird looks from earlier had left their faces as well. Here, it seemed, it was normal to carry around your pet in such a way.

Bambi was awake for the entire trip. His head swiveled in every direction. Took in every movement he could see. Some people would approach us. Rub his head and coo about how adorable he was. He seemed to like this. Adore the attention. Especially from women who were considered beautiful.

When this happens, I would roll my eyes at them. Take a step back and ask for directions to the house. Eagerl
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