Chapter 81

Amadeus' Point of View

I fucked up. Alastair was livid beyond comprehension. I had kept yet another thing from him. Concealed it because Nerezza had made me promise. Now it came back to bite me in the ass. As it always does.

Would I do it again if I needed to help her? Absolutely! Would I regret it afterward? Hell fucking no. His anger was better than her being hurt again. Especially after dick-face abandoned her. Although, now my twin wanted almost nothing to do with me. It was a harsh reality of being this close to someone. Of being born together.

Soon enough, the sun would rise and Nerezza would explain this to everyone. Tell them about what Priamos had done. Not that he had made any effort to explain himself either. The man was mute. Only speaking to his fawn in hushed tones when the thing became unruly.

He had slept in a spare bedroom. Woke up two hours before dawn only to find the three of us already waiting for our mate. The disdain on his face was enough to knock a lesser man
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ahahaha are they the mates that just killed the king and sent nerezza to the dungeon
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K. Woots
Ooh it’s getting soooo good!

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