Chapter 85

Priamos' Point of View

Watching the two of them face off was like watching a train crash. You knew it was coming but it looked so peaceful. In slow motion, building up until the inevitable crash. People's getting ruined. Screaming women. Crying children.

Their tones were flat. Composed. From years of being inside a palace, I guessed. There was no hard evidence as to how this woman came into the picture from the start. Just that she now owned the place and that didn't sit well with my sister.

Even the way she was sitting on the couch was dominating the space. Arms spread out across the back. Smile on her face that bordered on cruel. This girl was the opposite of Farren. Yes, my younger sibling was composed. Elegant, even. She had a dominating aura about her. But this other woman was a master. Where Farren played in the minors, Phaedra won at the masters.

"What kind of betrayal, Farren darling?" Phaedra mused and scooted in her seat. Took up more space than she had just now. Farren coc
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