Chapter 86

Nerezza's Point of View

The roaring of engines woke me up from my fitful sleep. People greeting each other in bolstering voices. It all carried down here to where I sat in purgatory. A ghost waiting to finally leave this earth and settle into her hell.

The funeral must have been closer than I had first thought. Much closer if everyone was already arriving. From my slitted window at the top, I could see the sun's rays rising. They were here early. Coming in by the dozens.

Of course, they were here for the funeral but they would stay for the coronation.

And my execution. The thought of dying chilled me to the bone. There were a lot of things I had still wanted to do before that day. Before the world became a blank canvas to me. But I should have thought of that before I wanted to ruin the entire royal family. Thought of my son more.

Sometimes I convinced myself that I did none of this for him. All of it for me. But that wasn't always true. I had wanted what was best for him in life. T
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