Chapter 87

Lysander's Point of View

I couldn't go to work. Nor could I see my family. With the latter, the reason was more complicated than the former. I simply didn't want them to see me this upset. Distressed. Mother would pry and send father to speak with me when she couldn't throttle it from my throat. Isaac would complain about how I was now leading a double life and they knew next to nothing about it.

The same conversation I had every night with my brother.

With the former, my mind was a complete mess. Nerezza surrounded every waking thought I had. How we could help her and what they were doing to her in that hell. It was a neverending road that lead me to spiral from time to time. Rip out small hairs at the base of my skull. I was a sitting duck, waiting for our minds to come up with a fucking plan.

This was the worst part of it all. Waiting. Always fucking waiting.

The twins had settled into a tense silence beside me. Their last argument was about several seconds ago. The moment the new
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