Chapter 107

Amadeus' Point of View

Nerezza had rushed to her mate's side shortly after Lysander's mother came in. Left the sleeping arrangements in Lysander's hands. Who had explained it to the best of his abilities to his mother.

From the cry of relief that came down the hall moments later, we all knew he would make it through the night. Neither Lysander nor his mother commented on how Nerezza had just flown to him. Forgot everything else and ran when she knew he was stable enough to see her.

Zaven and Kallik came in moments later. Gave one look in Lysander's mother's direction and nodded. The woman scowled back at them but took her leave. Left the rest of us to sort through what our next step was going to be.

"I take it he is going to be fine," Kallik mumbled, slithering further away from Zaven than we were used to. Both refused to look in each other's direction. Glanced everywhere but at their lover. I wanted to ask them what was up. Or broach the topic of what we had to do next. But there
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