Chapter 109

Nerezza's Point of View

Mrs. Hemgrove hated being called that. Insisted that we call her by her name. Merida.

“Like the Disney princess?” Farren had asked, a sunbeam above her head. She looked much better than she had inside. Radiated again in a way I had last seen before Reginald passed. Gardening, she had told us, reminded her of her mother and her early childhood. Both were pleasant. Until it wasn’t and she changed the topic.

Merida laughed. Plucked another weed from between her prized irises. Purple ones. The ones I adored the most out of all of them. “Isaac mocked me for weeks when we first saw tha movie. Said his mother was a princess.” She explained through her giggling.

Somehow, she hadn’t gotten a speck of dirt on her beautiful dress. Managed to pluck and throw away and dig without anything touching her. Her gloves were another story. Had a layer of dirt on it. Fresh and clean, that’s what it smelled like. Because nature had been our home before we decided to become more urba
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