Chapter 110

Nerezza's Point of View

Excitement bubbled up in my throat. Threatened to spill over my lips. After I told him to pack, Lysander smiled down at me. Made my heart flutter thousands of miles per hour. His own happiness spilled over until he grabbed for me. Embraced me so hard my ribs protested in return. Sparks skipped and hopped along our touching flesh. Settled just behind my eyes, creating spots of light in my vision.

"We can go and get him, Ly. We can get my baby boy back!" I exclaimed with a rapture that spread across my body. Devoured me whole until all I could think about was my son. The one I had wanted to find for almost eight years.

"Not so fast, sweetheart. We still have to talk to the rest of the guys about this. Besides, we don't know if it is safe to move Priamos yet." Lysander warned.

I pulled away from him. Stared up at him as if only seeing reason now. Priamos was wounded. the rest of them were tired. We couldn't rush into anything. If anything, we had to plan out o
Alexandria Christi

I am terribly sorry for the sporadic updates as of late. Just know that I adore each and every comment I read. Every gem that you give. You guys are truly amazing! Thank you for sticking with me... Just letting you guys know... The next book is coming REALLY soon... so be on the lookout for Her Four Cruel Wolves! Love, Lexa. PS: Who is also in love with Lysander's mother AKA Merida?

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