Chapter 112

Nerezza's Point of View

We all huddled in close for our last dinner in Makatza. Thanks to Merida and Farren, the assortment of food was vast and to everyone's liking. Each person had their favorite dish in front of them. How Farren had asked and remembered them all I will always wonder. From traditional Chinese cuisine to German blood wurst. The two women had outdone themselves. Even Cormac had his own dish in front of him. Something that reminded him of Ireland.

Even Priamos had come out of his little bathroom to join us all in the kitchen. The work table was overcrowded and stuffy but it was the happiest I had felt in a long time. Every member of my love life spoke happily. Chatted to each other as if none of them were arrogant fools who shared a mate. Shared intimate details of their lives before I ran them into the ground.

"Oh, dear. I forgot to tell ya. Farren has offered to move us into an estate a little ways outside o' tha city." Merida chirped to her mate, who only raised his
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