Chapter 113

Nerezza's Point of View

I woke up at four. Felt fully rested but alert of my surroundings. Lysander and Zaven had eased the tension within my body. Made me collapse in exhaustion the moment I let my head hit the pillow last night. But when I woke, I knew it was time to go. Start a new chapter in my life.

Conan was waiting for me on the other side of this. Patiently waited for his mother to swoop in and rescue him. Or so I had hoped. Prayed. Because I couldn't come back without him. Not when I had wanted this for so long. But it all boiled down to what the boy wanted. What he needed. Taking him away from everything he had ever known and loved wouldn't have been fair.

Sitting up in bed, I tossed my hair into a messy bun. Slipped out and dressed in loose pants and shirt. Sneakers on my feet. All of my stuff was packed. Ready and waiting. I had made sure of that before we had had dinner last night.

Plucking the suitcases to the door, I opened it only to find Farren on the other side. H
Alexandria Christi

Hi guys! NO, this is not the end of the book. Yes, I am taking tomorrow off. No, I won't rush the ending. Yes, I will clarify a lot of things before the book is done. Stay calm and read on, my little minions. Love Ya!

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What happened to the deer

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