Chapter 4


“I hope you’re not doing anything to mess your night up” mom said through the phone. Natalia went to the bathroom and I sighed when mom called me for the fifth time tonight. It was hard enough controlling myself around the girl, but it seemed like my beloved mother didn’t seem to want to understand that I wasn’t a barbarian on the loose.

“I am not a child for you to check on every few hours, mother. But if it would assure you, I haven’t killed the woman” I snapped through the phone. I could hear mom growl through the phone, but I didn’t bother responding to it “Now, I need to hang up before she gets out of the bathroom”

I hung up and put my phone in my pocket just as Natalia got out of the bathroom, smiling as she looked at me. I nodded smiling at her. The woman didn’t understand it yet, but she has been the one person who has made me feel content in years, and I am a person who has been around a lot of women before her. She looked at me and frowned in confusion seeing my change of mood; however, I didn’t want her getting worried, nor did I want to ruin our night.

“Do you want to go back? It’s already late as it is” I said getting up from my chair. She nodded and I vampire sped toward her, wrapping my arm around her waist as I pulled her to me. Her racing heart making it harder for me to contain myself. She looked me in the eye as I faced her, and I had to fight the urge to connect my lips to her pink plump ones. Her body heating as she blushed.

Forcing myself to hold my self control, the two of us walked to the car in silence, both being tired from this long day, and from my side; I just wanted a little peace. With everything that I was forced into for the past two weeks; I believed that I deserved a little break, and that break also included a little silence.

I was thankful for Natalia laying her head on the window as I drove us back to the hotel. I didn’t want a driver to go driving us here and there as to make sure that we at least got our privacy as we got to know one another. Had I allowed a driver to be the one to drive us wherever we were going; I knew that he would end up sending everything we did to mom.

I wrapped my arms around Natalia as we got out of the car, and headed toward the hotel’s door. The two of us still had a figure to hold, and an image to keep from scratching, and if people were to believe that our wedding was real; the two of us needed to act accordingly until we’ve mated.

“Can I ask something?” Natalia asked once the two of us entered the suite. I hummed in response, waiting for her question “why did your parents organize this wedding? Don’t you have a mate? Or at least can find a potential mate?”

“They think that I got out of control, they want me to calm down, I guess. At least, that’s what mom told me before she brought you into this” I answered honestly, avoiding the question that I didn’t want to answer. Natalia nodded, not dwelling on the subject. She sat on the chair beside the door and took her heels off, putting them in the shoe closet by the door. I vampire sped toward her, towering her body and running my finger over her jawline, my words playing back in my mind.

“And you know, she wasn’t wrong” I whispered to her, leaning closer to her until our breaths mixed. My wolf getting restless as the desire to mate the woman who I was destined to spend my life with stood near. Her body tensed for a second as I pressed my lips against hers, kissing her. It took her a second to kiss me back, but the second she did, I vampire sped toward the bed, pushing her down to lay on it. I hovered her body, resting my weight on my arms either side of her head as I deepened the kiss.

“You’re so fucking beautiful” I whispered kissing her neck, easily finding her sweet spot before softly biting her earlobe, loving the smell of her rising arousal. Natalia moaned at the contact, her eyes rolling to the back of her head in satisfaction. I ran my finger over her body, feeling her curves, smirking against her neck as she wrapped her arms around my neck, wanting me to deepen the kiss. I spread her legs using my thigh, grinding myself against her, making her feel my want for her.

“Natalia, if I don’t stop now, I’m claiming you as my own” I whispered, forcing myself to pull away. I rested my forehead against her own, trying to calm myself as my wolf’s need grew at the smell of her arousal, my instinct wanting to get the best of me. She blushed under me and I couldn’t help but smile as I saw the reaction that I managed to get out of her. I laid by her side, looking at her for a second too long, softly running my finger over her jawline. Admiring my innocent beauty who laid by my side.

“How about you go change into something comfortable for bed, then the two of us can sleep” I said and Natalia nodded. She got out of bed and went to get her clothes from her bag before heading to the bathroom leaving me alone with the problem that I had to handle.

I knew that I needed to keep myself controlled as not to frighten the woman. But the way she kissed me back, gave in to my touch even; it told me that I wasn’t the only one who felt the way that I did. The woman may have been trying to resist my touch, but she too felt the same spark.

I watched as Natalia walked out of the bathroom, wearing her sweat pants and shirt. She folded her dress, putting it back inside her bag. She stood in the middle of the room, looking at the bed and I smiled at her innocence, sitting up and tapping the spot beside me “you do know that it’s OUR bed, Natalia”

“But the two of us barely know one another to share a bed”

“You are my wife, Natalia. Whether you want to admit it or not, the two of us got married today” I said looking her in the eye.

“We haven’t mated yet, and being wolves, that human wedding meant nothing to either one of us” Natalia said glaring at me. I frowned in confusion at her change of demeanor but didn’t bother responding to her, waiting for her next move. However, I was surprised when she walked to the closet and brought out the spare pillow and blanket.

“I’ll be sleeping on the couch, have a goodnight, Alpha”

I growled in anger at what she said, to think that I believed for a second that she was giving in to me. Her words playing back in my head as she laid on the couch, ignoring my anger.

Focus, Damien, just a little patience…

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(Marked By The Hybrid). So close, almost but Natalia gets cold feet. Damien is kind and attempting to be patient. I like this book.

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