Chapter 10


“Natalia, you will need…”

“I am not like the other women in your Estate, Liz. I must thank you for your offer, but I know that Damien would not go ahead looking at other women. Had he wanted it, he wouldn’t have married me to begin with” I heard Natalia stopping Liz. I smiled as I listened to what she said before knocking the door twice, breaking their conversation. Whatever it was they were talking about, I didn’t like it, and it seemed to annoy Natalia too.

Natalia opened the door for me, smiling as I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her to my chest “I suggest that you don’t fill my beauty’s head with mom’s nonsense, Liz. You of all people should know that mom did try bringing in other women, and they were all sent back just as they came”


“My love and respect for you are endless, Liz; however, as a friend, I suggest that you

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