Chapter 16


I wrapped my arms around the blonde as she came undone on top of me. Her legs straddled my lap as she rocked them, slowly rolling on top of me.

Her smile widened, and a devious expression replaced her once fake innocent one. She leaned down and kissed my lips, my arms were wrapped around her waist as she moved to ride me off MY climax.

I left the house to head to one of the clubs, searching for the right girl to tame my anger and lust. Her lips moved from my lips to my neck, licking a stripe on my neck as I raised my hips, pushing deeper into her. The girl whimpered as I sped up, turning us around and getting on top of her. Her eyes were wide in surprise, I smiled and leaned down to her lips, kissing her tenderly “relax, sweetheart”

I pulled out of her before pushing back inside, my movement slow for a second, riding her to her next climax. However, my slow movements didn’t last for long as I pulled out of her and pushed back ins

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You keep using past tense.
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damn wish he didn't go off to find some other girl to fk

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