Chapter 17


I laid my head on the couch’s armrest as I waited for Damien to come back.

It was already a while past three in the morning, and I knew that he wasn’t a child for me to wait for him. He had his own responsibilities to take care of, and I knew that I shouldn’t be a brat about where he was staying out late. But I couldn’t help but wonder where he was, and when he was coming back.

He went out being angry with me, and despite me not understanding what I did to piss him off; I wanted to talk to him and try to fix things between us.

I shook my head as I checked my phone for the tenth time in less than two hours. I was hoping for at least a call or text from him, anything to let me know that he was okay; but the man didn’t bother to send me a message, nor did he bother responding to my call an hour ago.

I put my phone away knowing that he wouldn’t answer if he didn’t want to. The way he looked as disguste

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Jamie _
seriously? he has the remnants of another woman on him still. his dick is probably still wet from her and she's just letting that all go? what is wrong with women in these books!?

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