Chapter 19


I sat on the edge of the bed as Damien studied my expression.

I forced myself to avoid his eyes as I replayed everything I did in the past hour.

I shouldn’t have attacked him, I knew that. But the man couldn’t have expected to approach me, and for me to be as accepting as a love sick puppy would be. He deliberately cheated on a promise he made, and despite us not completing the mating, and us not being officially together as wolves; the two of us have made a promise to one another, and regardless the situation, we should be keeping to it.

“Can we talk like subtle humans, or are you going to try and attack me again?” Damien asked. I looked down at my lap and Damien sighed. He wore nothing but his boxers as I wore his shirt, the two of us have seen one another bare for the first time today, and despite not looking down at his cock. Feeling it against me only made my body ache for it.

“What is there to talk about

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Jamie _
she didn't say anything wrong...why is she apologizing? that makes no sense. he's all upset Vivian messed around on him and he still went out and did it to Natalia knowing how it made him feel. this makes no sense

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