Chapter 22


I watched as my wife laughed with her friends. Her smile reaching her eyes as they made jokes. Her dress flew a bit with the wind, and having taken off her jacket; it was tied up around her waist. The water’s sound was relaxing as it crashed on the rocks below, and the fact that we were here alone, the place was closed up for us only giving us our privacy, made the whole thing more special.

I smiled at the sight of my beauty. It was something that I fought to bring back to her eyes after I broke her heart by cheating on her. It surprised me to see that even mom stood up to her against me. The way she had threatened me not to hurt her only made me feel proud knowing the reason behind it; even Nyx didn’t bother with fighting back or arguing; instead, I hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

Natalia looked at me as I sat in a distance, watching her from far, as I sat on one of the benches. I liked seeing her the way she was. Happy, content,

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