My Boss, My Master!
My Boss, My Master!
Author: MOMO

CHAPTER 1: Heartcille Reina  

CHAPTER 1: Heartcille Reina

No one’s POV:

Heartcille Reina, known as Heart, is a 25 years old, nerdy old fashioned woman. She is a Japanese-British woman who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Her hair is black, always on a bun or tied so high with her eyeglasses on because she has problems in her vision. Her face has freckles, she lives independently in a studio unit in an apartment complex. Her parents are already in heaven, so she is literally alone in her life. 

Heart was still sleeping on her small bed, until her alarm clock rang so loudly. It startled her and it even made her fall on the floor. Heart immediately got up and sat on the floor, slowly opening her eyes. “Aish, it hurts.” She grunted as she was scratching her back.

She stood up and walked towards her kitchen to cook for her breakfast but the moment she opened the fridge, there were no ingredients. “Oh, no! I forgot to buy groceries again!” Heart screamed, being so frustrated as she could not cook for her breakfast. She closed the fridge’s door and walked like a zombie towards her living area. When she approached the sofa, she sat there and stared somewhere blankly. But after a few seconds, she heard someone pressing the passcode of her main door. Her eyes widened and smiled brightly. Heart stood up and ran towards the main door. The main door opened and it was her boyfriend, Dimitri Kim.

“Hi, my darling, good morning.” He greeted Heart with a wonderful smile, carrying two plastic bags with his two hands. Heart smiled at him and jumped to hug Dimitri. “Darling! You are really my savior! Thank you for bringing the ingredients!” Heart screamed happily while hugging him. Dimitri could not hug her back because his hands were carrying two plastic bags. 

Dimitri Kim is Heart’s boyfriend for a year. Today is their first anniversary as a couple. Dimitri lives alone and he works as an I.T engineer. He is Korean.

Heart let go of the hug and then helped Dimitri to carry the plastic bags. She turned around from him and walked towards the kitchen. Dimitri smiled as he saw his girlfriend really excited to cook for their breakfast. He closed the main door and locked it. When Heart put the ingredients on the kitchen’s table, Dimitri hugged Heart from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. Heart’s eyes widened and she gulped. Dimitri then closed his eyes and kissed Heart’s neck slowly. Heart could feel Dimitri’s breath and could even hear his heartbeat because he was holding her so tightly from behind.

Heart held his arms and then stopped him from kissing her neck. Dimitri opened his eyes. “Hey, why?” He asked and felt frustrated. 

Heart turned to him and looked into his eyes. “Dimitri, we talked about this right? Since today is our anniversary, I will let you take my pureness away tonight. Not today.” Heart then smiled after reminding their promise to one another. Dimitri then chuckled. “Ah of course, I have not forgotten about that, I will wait for tonight.” Dimitri explained and he looked away. “But, it is just that..” He said.

Heart tilted her head. “It is just that..” She repeated.

Dimitri looked at her. “It is just that you are really hot, my darling. I can’t really wait to do it with you, tonight. Happy anniversary, my darling!” Dimitri said and then hugged her again. Heart hugged him back. “Happy anniversary my darling, I love you!” She said happily. ‘I am not hot, I am just a plain Jane.’ Heart thought.

After being so romantic to one another, Heart cooked for their breakfast. After cooking and preparing for their breakfast, they ate together at the dining table, sitting opposite from one another. ‘I wish, this scenario will last forever.’ Heart thought and could not stop from smiling while eating.

After having their breakfast, Heart took a bath and then prepared for work, while Dimitri was waiting for her in the living room, sitting on the sofa and watching the television. In the television, the Lee Department Store was being televised, this is where Heart works as a sales lady. That is the biggest department store in their country. Dimitri was just amazed watching the advertisement of that department store. It was announced on television that soon, the heir of the chairman will be the new CEO of the department store. When Heart went out of the bathroom, she was already dressed. Dimitri turned off the television and then stood up from the sofa. He looked at Heart while Heart was still busy combing her hair. 

“Darling, can I help you blow dry your hair?” Dimitri volunteered. Heart was about to enter her bedroom but she turned around and nodded at Dimitri. “Sure, let’s go inside my bedroom.” Heart agreed. 

When they entered the bedroom, Heart sat down on her dressing chair, facing the vanity mirror with lights. Dimitri plugged in the hair dryer and then started blow drying Heart’s wet hair. Heart was watching Dimitri’s serious face while doing that to her wet hair. Dimitri was even holding a brush to style Heart’s hair. 

“Hey, I never thought that you could do this as well, Dimitri. You are so talented.” Heart giggled and put her eye glasses on. Dimitri smiled and looked at Heart’s reflection in the mirror. They smiled at one another. When Dimitri finished styling Heart’s hair. Heart stood up, faced him and looked at him. They were standing, facing one another. “Hey, darling, why did you do this? I will put my hair in a bun style but..” She worried and touched her hair and looked at it. “My hair is too beautiful now, I can’t let this go to waste.” Heart said while admiring her hair. Dimitri then removed her eye glasses and flipped her body by grabbing her shoulders and made her look at him. Heart’s eyes widened and looked into his eyes. “Dimitri, I can’t see well without my eyeglasses. Put it back.” She said and pouted her lips. Dimitri then smiled while looking into her eyes. “You are so beautiful, Heartcille.” He said with his soft voice.

‘What is this? My heart is fluttering non stop, did he just say that I am beautiful?’ Heart thought and was blushing because of that compliment from her boyfriend. Dimitri then tilted his head and moved closer to Heart’s face. He then closed his eyes and kissed Heart’s lips. Heart’s eyes widened and she felt like she was floating the moment when Dimitri did that, it was so sudden for her because whenever they kissed, Dimitri always asked permission first. Heart closed her eyes and kissed him back, they kissed passionately and in sync. Dimitri slid his hands from her shoulders to her waist, wrapped it around and then pulled her closer to his body as he pressed it against hers. Heart then hugged him back by holding Dimitri’s upper body. Their kisses became more intense as they ended up breaking their promise to one another to not do that yet until the night of their first anniversary. It was very painful for. Hearcille but she still enjoyed it. They were both satisfied and that moment was very magical for them especially since it was their first year anniversary. 

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