CHAPTER 2: Broken Heart

CHAPTER 2: Broken Heart

No one’s POV:

After doing it, Heart’s hair became so messy. So she put her hair into a bun style, put her eye glasses on and fixed herself. They got dressed and Dimitri was really happy because he finally did it with Heart.

Dimitri sent Heart to her work with his car. When Heart was about to get out of the car, Dimitri grabbed her arm. Heart stopped and twisted her neck to look at her boyfriend. “What is it, darling?” She asked. Dimitri just smiled. 

“Thanks again, Heart. See you later! I love you.” Dimitri said with a happy face. Heart nodded and smiled. “I trust you, thank you so much too and I love you more.” Heart replied and then got out of Dimitri’s car.

She entered the Department Store through the main entrance where she works, everyone was already in their designated position, they were lined up on the side to bow to the chairman of the department store everyday. Heart slowly went to her position and stood up there. Her co-worker who was standing next to her, saw her. “Hey, Heartcille, you are late again. Where have you been?” She asked with a low tone of voice to Heart.

Heart looked at her co-worker. “Ah, sorry I just overslept last night, Annie.” Heart lied. But Annie, her co-worker, squinted and noticed Heart’s hickey on her neck. She then chuckled. “I think I know now.” Annie said and then looked at her with a teasing face. Heart gasped and looked away. “What are you talking about? Hmm.” Heart was feeling nervous and did not want Annie to find out that she did it with her boyfriend that was why she was late. 

Annie sighed. “Oh well. Georgia is late again today. She must be very busy being a stripper at night.” Annie mumbled but Heart heard it. Her eyes widened. “A stripper?” She gaped and murmured to herself.

After a few minutes, the chairman arrived at the department and everyone bowed at him. When the chairman passed the main hall, he took the elevator and went to his office. The department store is the biggest department store, the executives’ offices were also located there but at the very top floor of the building. Heart and every employee went back to their designated posts and waited for the official start of the business hours. Heart was standing to her post but she kept on thinking about something.

‘Georgia is a stripper? Why is she doing that though? Does it really pay high?’ Heart thought and was into her own world. Annie was so bored at her post and then noticed Heart being so serious. She approached Heart and tapped her shoulder. It made Heart startle. “Hey, Annie! Why did you do that?” Heart asked. Annie then grinned and looked at her hickey on her neck. “Ah, nothing. You look so serious, hmm is that because of your love bite on your neck?” Annie teased Heart. Heart’s eyes widened and then turned around. She held her neck. ‘Oh no, I did not notice this. I must wear a scarf, this is so embarrassing.’ Heart thought.

Annie just chuckled and then turned around to go back to her post. But Heart turned to her and grabbed her arm. “Hey, Annie. I am going to ask something.” Heart asked. Annie then turned around to look at Heart. “What is it?”

Heart then removed her hand from Annie and put her head down. “Is Georgia really a stripper at night?” Heart curiously asked and then slowly looked at Annie’s face. Annie nodded. “Yes, I am the only one who knows it. She told me because I caught her from the dressing room with a guy then that’s it, she spilled the beans.” Annie said. 

Heart was surprised and did not expect it. She gasped. “Oh, maybe she has her reasons.” Heart reacted. Annie just nodded. “Yes, she told me it really pays high and she needs it for her family expenses.” 

After the discussion, the business hours started and all of the sales ladies were so busy. Georgia arrived and she was wearing a very thick lipstick. Heart was looking at her secretly. ‘Alright, I must not mind other people's business though.’ She thought and continued working.

But then, after a few minutes, the people from the top floor went down and everyone bowed at them. Heart who was spacing out bowed late. The chairman squinted and caught her but she immediately bowed so that her face wouldn't be seen by the chairman. ‘Aish, what am I doing? Why am I so bothered about that stripper thingy? I have my own job okay?’ Heart thought and tried to concentrate as she was caught by the chairman.

The chairman of their company was already an old man, he then cleared his throat standing next to his executives, secretaries, etc. Someone also was holding the microphone for him.

“In the next few days, my grandson will be the CEO of this department store, he is stricter than me, so you better be professional all the time! Soon, I will hold the official ceremony for that. That’s all. I have to leave for now.” The chairman announced and they left the department store altogether. 

Heart, being so embarrassed, was thinking about what the chairman said. ‘So, the grandson will take over this department store, huh? I wonder what he looks like. This grandpa's chairman is always having a grumpy face, so probably the new boss will look like an angry lion or dinosaur.’ Heart thought and imagined what the new CEO will look like. 

After working, she was in the staff room to change her outfit. She changed her uniform to an outdated outfit, a long dress with sleeves. She also put a scarf around her neck to hide her hickey. She just remained her hairstyle into a bun, without makeup on, showing her freckles and wearing her eyeglasses. Before she left, she went back in front of the mirror to put lipstick on. She put on a red one. ‘Yes, I must do this though. This is so unusual but this is for our special date. Hihi.’ Heartcille giggled. She then smiled at the mirror and thought about Dimitri. “Oh, I must send him a text message that I am done for today!” She said to herself and giggled again. She grabbed her phone from her sling bag and sent him a text message. 

She went out of the department store, Dimitri was there, waiting for her. It was winter in Tokyo, Japan. The weather was chilly and it barely snowed there. “Darling!” Heart screamed for his name to call him. Dimitri turned around and waved his hand while looking at her. ‘My girlfriend is really beautiful.’ Dimitri thought.

Heart ran happily towards him and then hugged him. They hugged each other and then after the hug, they held each other’s hands.

Their first stop was at the Shibuya Sky, an observatory building. Heart was very excited to celebrate their first anniversary that was why they went to Shibuya, Tokyo together. At the escalator going up, they were there looking outside as the glass was transparent. The view was really magnificent as the city lights were really beautiful to look at from their view. “Wow! This is so amazing, Dimitri!” Heart reacted as she was so amazed at what she was seeing. Dimitri was just smiling at her. 

“Beautiful, right?” Dimitri asked Heart while grinning at her. Heart looked at her boyfriend and then blushed. “Hey, why are you looking at me?” She asked while slowly looking away. “Because you are beautiful, my girlfriend.” Dimitri said sincerely. Heart bit her lip because of being so shy. ‘I know I am not beautiful but for him, I am the most beautiful woman.’ Heart thought.

When they reached the deck, no one was there. Heart ran around and went to the edge. She gasped and screamed that she was so happy. Dimitri slowly approached her and poked her back. Heart then turned around while smiling. “What is it?” She asked. Dimitri then grabbed something from his pocket. It was a box. Heart saw it and she cupped her mouth. ‘Is he going to propose to me?!’ Heart thought and felt excited. But, the moment Dimitri opened the box, it was a necklace with a heart pendant filled with diamonds. 

Dimitri then leaned closer to put the necklace around her neck. Heart was stunned and she was not reacting at all. She did not expect something expensive from Dimitri. When Dimitri locked the necklace around her neck, he moved backwards and looked at Heart’s eyes. 

“This is a gift, happy anniversary, my darling.” Dimitri said sincerely. Heart’s eyes started to water, her tears rolled down on her cheeks but she was smiling. It was tears of joy. “Thank you, Dimitri. Happy anniversary too, my darling.” She replied with her voice vibrating because she was also sobbing. Dimitri chuckled. “Hey, don’t cry! You are supposed to be happy! Don’t cry, my darling!” Dimitri stopped her from crying by wiping her tears away with his hands. Heart chuckled but eventually laughed. She then looked at his face. “Aish, I am such a cry baby! Hahaha!” She laughed. They both laughed and Dimitri helped her to wipe her tears away.

After that moment, they decided to eat somewhere. They ate American beefsteak in a mall and they enjoyed it so much. They even ate cake together as a celebration. After eating, they left the mall and walked to the Shibuya Crossing area. Both of them were standing in the Shibuya Crossing. There were no people in front of their pedestrian lane. But suddenly, it snowed. “Wow, it finally snowed, Dimitri!” Heart said happily and felt so excited. Because of that, she ran through the pedestrian lane and stood in the middle. She then looked at Dimitri, one meter away from him, waving her hands, smiling at him. “Dimitri, take a photo of me, please?” She screamed and requested for a photo of her since that area is a popular tourist spot and it rarely snows in Tokyo. Dimitri smiled and then took a photo of her using his smartphone. Heart was smiling and both of them were so happy. After taking two photos of her, Heart waved her right hand. “Let’s go now, darling!” She shouted. Dimitri smiled and nodded.

Heart turned around from him and ran towards the opposite side, while Dimitri, he was smiling walking in the pedestrian lane, but..

Heart’s eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat when she heard a car crash behind her and it hit someone. Her body started to tremble and slowly turned around. ‘It can’t be.’ She thought as she was feeling so scared to see if it was her boyfriend. The moment she saw the person who got hit by the car, her knees collapsed and her body dropped to the floor when she saw her boyfriend lying down on the ground with his eyes open, head was bleeding and was holding his phone. That was like a slow motion scene from her point of view.

“No! Dimitri!” Heart screamed in agony, sobbed and ran towards him.

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