CHAPTER 4: Cullen Lee

CHAPTER 4: Cullen Lee

Three months ago:

Cullen’s POV:

Ugh, I am still sleepy! I moaned and then stretched my arms as I slowly got up and sat down on my bed with my eyes closed. I then yawned and leaned backwards on the headboard. “I am still sleepy.” I murmured with my sleepy voice. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the view in front of me. I looked around by rotating my neck and yes, I am still here in my big room wherein I can do anything I want. I am a professional online gamer. When I stopped looking around my room, I saw my photo next to my bed which was put on my side table. I stopped and stared at it, it was me when I was very young. I smirked while looking at my handsome face.

“I have been so handsome since birth.” I mumbled to myself and then chuckled. When I was young my life was so carefree. I did not care about anything, my parents let me do whatever I wanted and it led me to become a professional online gamer. But now that I am 24 years old, my life has changed. My mom and grandfather kept on nagging me to become the new CEO of our biggest department store in this country because my grandfather can’t be the CEO and the chairman at the same time, getting older huh?!

I then sighed and looked away from my young photo next to me. I closed my eyes and remembered the day when my dad died in front of me. I can’t remember how old I was at that time. That was also the day I made a promise that I will take care of everything in the future for our company. Aish, why did I even do that?! I then opened my eyes and shook my head. “I really regretted it. I must have just cried that time and did not say yes.” I said while grunting.

“Young master, your breakfast is ready.” One of our maids said without even knocking the door and I was just wearing my boxers on. That maid was just having her poker face as she was used to seeing me like this. I grabbed my blanket and wrapped it around me as she was looking at my beautiful six pack abs! 

“H-hey you did not even knock!” I shouted at her while stuttering. My face is about to explode because of feeling so ashamed. She just bowed at me and apologized. “I am so sorry young master, please have your breakfast, madame is waiting for you at the dining hall.” She said sorry to me and then bowed again. I just gasped and then waved my hand to stop her from bowing.

“Okay, please go. I will be there in five minutes.” I said. She then got up and turned to leave my room. She closed the door again and that was the time I stood up and went to my walk-in closet to look at my handsome features. I then stopped walking, facing myself in the big whole body mirror. I caressed my handsome face and smirked in the mirror, looking in my reflection. “I am so perfect, I don’t deserve to be the CEO of Lee Department Store who is just always at his office, duh!” I bragged. I then just wore a robe and left my walk in closet. I then walked towards the main door of my room and completely left.

I just walked and went downstairs, everyone was bowing at me. Yes, we are super rich. I am the heir of the richest family in Japan and South Korea. I am full Korean but my family chose to be based here in Tokyo, Japan though we can still go back to Seoul, South Korea or even myself if I want to. And finally after some minutes, I finally reached the dining hall. I sat down far from my mom. She was just sipping her cup of coffee and then smiled at me as she put it down on the table.

“Hey, darling Cullen baby, please join me.” She said sweetly, showing her eyesmile. I just shook my head and pouted. “Mom, stop calling me like that. I am not a baby anymore!” I yelled at her while showing my pouty lips and looking at her. She just chuckled and then looked at me seriously.

“My son, you must attend tomorrow’s meeting. You will be the CEO of our department store soon. You must meet everyone there.” My mom said and I could tell that she was so serious because she was looking at me like that and tapping her fingers. I sighed and looked away, gasping. I then glared at her. 

“I don’t want to!” I shouted at her and then walked out from the dining hall. Like, what is with the rush? Is grandfather dying? I am not yet ready or should I say, I really don’t want to be the CEO of that company?! I just want to play online games for life! 

“Cullen!” I could hear my mom shouting and calling for my name. The maids were following but I stopped and turned around, shooting them a glare. They understood it right away and then stopped from chasing me. I then turned around from them and continued leaving this mansion with my robe on. I went outside and hopped in my sports car. I closed the lid and changed to wearing my hoodie and pants. I just want to be free and relax. I started the engine and left.

I decided to just go to some beach even though I am not quite near it. I just went to a beach somewhere in Odaiba. When I reached the seashore and facing the beach, I stopped the car and just sat down inside. I don’t want to eat. I just want to just be here. I don’t have any appetite. 

When I opened my eyes, I did not realize that I fell asleep. Why, though? Am I that stressed? I can’t even feel anything though. Maybe I could see some cherry blossoms at night? Meguro river would be a good sight for this mood I am having now.

I then started my engine again and had a night stroll going to the Meguro river. After some minutes, I arrived there and checked the surroundings. I must check if there are no people around the area. “Since it is late at night, no one should be around here.” I murmured to myself. I looked around inside my car and I found the perfect spot. Yes, no one is around. I got out of my car and just stood next to my car. I stretched my arms as I raised my chin up and gazed at the sky. “The stars are very beautiful tonight. Something good will happen tonight, for sure.” I mumbled to myself and then felt the good vibes. 

“Excuse me? Can I ask you a question?” 

My eyes widened as I was staring at the beautiful night sky. A soft sweet voice asked me while poking my arm from my side.

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