CHAPTER 6: Love, But It Comes With A Price

CHAPTER 6: Love, But It Comes With A Price

Cullen’s POV:

This scenario reminded me of something that I don’t want to remember anymore. It was when my dad died in front of me.

“Cullen! Cullen!” Charlotte was calling my name non stop but I can’t even move my body. She then grabbed my arms and made me face her. “Cullen! Are you okay? You are so pale!” She was panicking. My eyes widened and my body continued to tremble. I put my head down and did not look at her. “I am sorry, I can’t be with you tonight. I will call you later or tomorrow.” I uttered with my low tone of voice. She slowly removed her hands from my arms and I then walked out of the scene to return to my car. I did a U-Turn and left the area.

[End of Cullen’s POV.]

Charlotte just followed Cullen with her gaze. ‘He must not be feeling well.’ Charlotte thought. She then grabbed her phone and called the 911 emergency hotline. After a few minutes, The ambulances and police arrived. The police took the one who hit Dimitri. Cullen
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