CHAPTER 8: That Familiar Voice

CHAPTER 8: That Familiar Voice

No one’s POV:

Heart did not notice that Dimitri’s finger moved. Dimitri was still unconscious while Heart was crying. She then stood up and looked at Dimitri’s face. “I miss you so much, Dimitri Kim, please wake up soon.” She said and wiped her tears away. Heart turned around from Dimitri and left.

When she returned to her apartment unit, she went straight in her kitchen and opened the fridge. She took out all of the alcoholic beverages and put everything on the table in the living room, facing the television. She sat on the sofa and started drinking all night. She was watching the television as she turned on the television with the remote control next to her.

From the television, Lee Department Store appeared. She just sighed while drinking. “So, I am seeing my company right now while I am breaking down huh. I really messed up earlier.” Heart murmured to herself and continued drinking. ‘What if the guy earlier did not arrive? Maybe that did not happen?’
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