CHAPTER 9: The Rich And The Poor

Chapter 9: The Rich And The Poor

No one’s POV:

The next day, Cullen and Charlotte checked out from the hotel and he sent her home with his sports car. He went straight home after sending her home. When Cullen reached the living room, his mom was there, standing near the stairs. She was staring at him. “Cullen, I scheduled some meetings for you this afternoon. You better attend! Please don’t be a disgrace in our family!” Mrs. Lee scolded Cullen as she was so frustrated about Cullen not being serious in becoming the CEO.

Every maid was bowing at Cullen when he arrived but the moment Mrs. Lee shouted, they left the scene to give them privacy. Cullen’s mood shifted into a bad one. “I don’t want to be a fucking CEO of that shitty company! I don’t want anything from Lee’s corporation, all I want is to become happy!” Cullen shouted and then walked away. He passed through his mom by running upstairs and went to his room. Mrs. Lee turned around to follow Cullen by her glares. ‘No, I won’t le
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