CHAPTER 13: The Decision

CHAPTER 13: The Decision

No one’s POV:

Inside the ambulance, Mrs. Lee was sitting next to Cullen, he was being assisted by some nurse. Mrs. Lee was crying and so worried about her son. “Please hurry up!” She yelled at the ambulance driver. Cullen slowly woke up, opened his eyes and saw his mom from his blurry vision. “Mom, please stop panicking, I am alive.” Cullen uttered and smiled even though he was feeling so weak. Mrs. Lee was holding his hand and smiled at him while crying. “My son, please don’t speak too much. I am just here.” Mrs. Lee responded.

“Heart?! Your back! You are bleeding as well!” Annie panicked as she was looking at Heart’s back. Heart’s eyes widened and touched her back by her arm without turning around. She then remembered when she bumped into Cullen. ‘It must be his blood. He was holding me earlier so that I won’t fall down.’ Heart thought. Heart then turned around and laughed awkwardly at Annie.

“Oh, Annie, I am not bleeding. It must be the grandson of Mr. Lee’
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