CHAPTER 56: Back To Work

CHAPTER 56: Back To Work

No one’s POV:

At Lee Department Store:

“Please put her back in her old department! She is the ace of our company. She can’t only stay in the luxury items department! She must be everywhere!” Cullen’s grandpa shouted at him. Cullen glared at his grandfather. “I don’t want to!” He shouted back and then stood up. He then turned his back from his grandfather and walked out of the room.

“Cullen! Aish, this kid!” His grandfather uttered and was feeling so stressed. When Cullen left, the chairman asked Heart’s supervisor to call Heart.

“Please tell Miss Heartcille Reina to go here and meet me. I need to talk to her. And retract my grandson’s decision. She must remain in the general department store area.” The chairman commanded. Heart’s supervisor bowed and she was assisted by Cullen’s grandfather’s secretary to call Heart. She called her using the wireless phone.

Heart was at her post and done transacting with a client. She was called by the concierge because of the
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