CHAPTER 100: The Most Beautiful Woman

CHAPTER 100: The Most Beautiful Woman

No one’s POV:

Heart then got up and moved away from Cullen. She turned around and fixed her skirt. “Um, no way. I am just nervous because you made me startled.” Heart lied but she was trying to calm herself. ‘Of course, I can’t tell you that I am in love with you. I am really falling for you but this is so wrong. I will never ever tell you, I don’t deserve to have a boyfriend after cheating on Dimitri with you, sir Cullen.’ Heart thought.

Cullen chuckled and then grabbed her arm again and leaned closer to her face. “Oh, really? Alright, sit again on my lap. Do that while I am working.” Cullen demanded. Heart could not say no because it was part of her work, special work for Cullen Lee.

Heart turned around and then hopped on Cullen’s lap, spreading her legs and feeling his boner. Heart put her arms around his neck and looked into his handsome face. Cullen then held her waist. His eyes met her and he licked his upper lip while having that eye to eye
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