CHAPTER 104: Please Don’t Get Attached

CHAPTER 104: Please Don’t Get Attached

No one’s POV:

Heart and Cullen finished fucking in the bathroom, afterwards, they helped each other for taking a bath. Both of them were fully naked. They were in the bathtub. Cullen was behind Heart, holding her from behind while scrubbing her back, while Heart was playing with the bubbles in the bath.

‘I can still feel his big dick on my ass, but we can’t fuck all day, we still have works to finish and to do.’ Heart thought. Cullen then held her so tightly as his hands crawled into her boobs, massaging those big boobs.

“You know, I met someone before, you and her have the same body and performance during the sex, I don’t know if this is really possible but your face is really different from hers.” Cullen opened up while thinking about Scarlet Heart.

Heart’s eyes widened and then twisted her neck to look at Cullen’s face. “Really? Maybe it is really possible but of course, we are different.” Heart defended. Cullen then scoffed. “Of course! You
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