CHAPTER 105: You Make Me Go Crazy

CHAPTER 105: You Make Me Go Crazy

No one’s POV:

Cullen then turned around and looked at Heart who was wearing a sad facial expression, she was looking down at the floor, thinking about things. ‘I am going to train my previous co-sales ladies and I will be stripper at night starting tomorrow. How can we have time together, then?’ Heart thought and kept on sighing.

Cullen crossed his arms and squinted. “Are you okay, Miss Reina? Don’t you want to train them and just be with me all the time?” He asked and then grinned.

Heart then raised her chin up and shook her head while looking at Cullen’s face. “Um, no no, Mr. CEO Lee. I am okay. No worries. Everything is okay. I am just thinking about for tomorrow.” Heart said.

Cullen moved forward and then held her shoulders while looking at her face. “What about tomorrow?” He asked while staring at Heart’s face. Heart and Cullen locked eyes. But Heart looked away because she was going to tell a lie. “Starting tomorrow, after working hours, I have
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