CHAPTER 106: Doing Things Beyond Sex

CHAPTER 106: Doing Things Beyond Sex

No one’s POV:

Cullen was still in the meeting but he received a text message.

‘Cullen Lee, this is Charlotte. Let’s meet at your place tonight, if you will say yes I will promise you that I will not ever appear again in front of you.’

The text message was from Charlotte. Cullen was listening to the meeting but because of that text message, his smile thinking about Heart shifted to feeling irritated. He was about to turn off his phone but he saw Charlotte’s phone number was calling him. “Aish..” He hissed. He declined the call and replied to her:

‘Okay, see you tonight, after dinner.’

That was Cullen’s reply. Cullen then continued listening to the meeting, he was feeling so excited for the dinner.

During the meeting, Cullen can’t stop thinking about Heart.

‘I don’t know but I feel so excited for our dinner later. I want to be with her all the time. When she hugged from behind, it made my heart flutter but I stopped myself because she has a boyfr
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