CHAPTER 108: The Pain Will Never Stop

CHAPTER 108: The Pain Will Never Stop

No one’s POV:

Charlotte was waiting for Cullen to arrived at his apartment. She was on the living area’s guest’s room. She was calling his phone number non stop but she stopped using her phone when she saw the door opened. She then stood up. “Cullen!” Charlotte shouted.

Cullen closed the door and then stood next to the door, looking at Charlotte.

“So, please fulfil your promise that you will stop bothering me when I let you go to my house. Please leave now.” Cullen coldly said while showing his poker face at Charlotte.

Charlotte ran on him and then hugged him. She put her head on his chest and closed her eyes. “Please listen to me, Cullen. Let’s continue our love story. I never stopped from loving you. I was just scared that time. Your mom..”

She got cut off when Cullen grabbed her shoulders and glared at her face. “Whatever my mom did to you or even if you are telling the truth now, the fact that you hurt me and you lied to me, that is already u
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