CHAPTER 109: The Heart Is Feeling Empty

CHAPTER 109: The Heart Is Feeling Empty

No one’s POV:

Heart was shaking and sweating. She could not believe that he woke up with hearing those words. Her eyes were widening and not even blinking. Dimitri was so confused and shaking his head.

“I don’t understand. What are you saying, my darling?” He asked while furrowing his eyebrows and gripping her arm. Heart shook her head. “No, no..” She murmured.

“What no?” Dimitri asked.

“I-I..” She was stuttering while sweating.

But, Heart opened her eyes while her head and arms were resting on Dimitri’s bed, next to his face. She was sweating and panting and raised up her head and removed her arms from the bed, looking at Dimitri’s sleeping face.

“It is just a dream. It felt like so real.” Heart uttered while catching her breath. Her chest tightened and she felt so guilty and sad.

“I never thought that I will be like this Dimitri, I never expected falling in love with another guy while you are suffering because of me.” Heart started crying and
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