CHAPTER 111: Not Meant To Meet Today?

CHAPTER 111: Not Meant To Meet Today?

No one’s POV:

Cullen was done with the meeting, he was so excited to return to the office. While running, he was thinking about Heart and imagining cooking for her and eating with her. ‘She must be there now for sure. It is lunch time!’ Cullen thought. But the moment he opened the door, Heart was not seen there. He walked around the office, every room, even in the bathroom but Heart was not there.

He stopped near her desk and grabbed his phone. He checked his notification, expecting a text message from her but there was none. Cullen then scoffed and laughed at himself. “Why am I even expecting a text message? She will not message me though for explaining why she is not here during lunch time.” Cullen laughed at himself, feeling so pathetic.

He then kept his phone in his pocket and cooked alone for his lunch. After cooking, he ate alone, he was literally lonely and imagining Heart was eating opposite from him. He then sighed and shook his head. “Ug
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