CHAPTER 112: The Strippers’ Life

CHAPTER 112: The Strippers’ Life

Heart’s POV:

I am now in the taxi, sitting at the back, watching the scenery outside. For a few days, I was with my CEO and many things happened that I did not expect. It feels like magic. He is just my boss and he was also a client. I met him first as Scarlet Heart then the next day, when I am my real self, Heartcille Reina as an ordinary woman who has freckles and four eyed woman.

I tried avoiding him so that he won’t recognize me but at the end, here we are. I am his sex slave slash secretary. And now, I am in love with him, cheating on my comatose boyfriend. I am so cruel. I don’t deserve to be happy. That is why, I already accepted the reality that Cullen Lee and I will never be together. This is my karma.

I then arrived at the Tokyo main branch, but I feel like that I need to pee first. I went to the restroom and entered one cubicle to do my business. Ugh, success! I am about to wash my pussy with a tissue but I am hearing something outside the
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