CHAPTER 114: Remembering The First Meeting

CHAPTER 114: Remembering The First Meeting

No one’s POV:

‘I mean he saw me during the day Dimitri had an accident but we did not meet that time.’ Heart thought when she was confirming the first day they had met.

‘So it was here, in this hotel. His hair was put down that time and it was very quick so I could not remember but now it was really him, the guy who saved me that night when I was not ready to have sex with anybody, especially with that old perverted man.’ Heart thought.

They were still walking and Cullen decided to tell the whole story as he thought that he could share it with Scarlet Heart.

“That was when I left our room for a walk after Charlotte and I had our first sex together. Like, I just want to breathe some fresh air.” Cullen started.

Scarlet Heart was just listening. “But I noticed that there there was something off upon looking at the hallway. I squinted that time and stopped from walking then realized that there was really bad happening. An old man harassing a you
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