CHAPTER 115: Scarlet Heart and Cullen’s Sex

CHAPTER 115: Scarlet Heart and Cullen’s Sex

No one’s POV:

“Please no, Mr. CEO Cullen Lee.” Heart begged but she realized that she called him as CEO. Her eyes widened and then stopped. ‘Oh, shit!’ Heart thought.

Cullen furrowed his eyebrows. ‘Why is this scene so familiar, it feels like a deja vu.’ Cullen thought.

“Wait, what? Did you address me as CEO?” Cullen asked. ‘Did I hear it right?’ Cullen thought.

Scarlet Heart was stunned and could not even speak any words. ‘I am doomed.’ She thought and was feeling so scared. ‘Did he now realize that I am Heartcille Reina?’ Heart was asking herself.

Cullen then put down the dishes near the sink and then walked towards Scarlet Heart. He tilted his head. “What is that? Are you..” Cullen was about to ask a question but Scarlet Heart shouted.

“Um, No!”

Cullen stopped from approaching her. “What?” He was giving her a weird look.

“I called you CEO Cullen Lee because I just know that you are a CEO, you are very popular right? That is a sign of r
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