CHAPTER 116: The Pain Of Loving Someone From A Far

CHAPTER 116: The Pain Of Loving Someone From A Far

No one’s POV:

Cullen then got up and went to the walk in closet to get a robe. Scarlet Heart then grabbed the blanket as she sat down on the bed and cover her body. Cullen returned in the bedroom, wearing a robe. “Let’s go in the living room and have a drink. I want to talk to you.” Cullen proposed and left the bedroom. Scarlet Heart felt anxious. ‘What is it? Did he figure out now? I really changed my attitude from Heartcille Reina huh.’ Heart thought.

Scarlet Heart went to the walk in closet and grabbed a robe to wear. She put it on her and followed Cullen in the living room.

Cullen grabbed beers from the fridge and he put it on the table. He grabbed six bottles and opened two of them for Scarlet Heart and him to drink. They were sitting next to one another. Scarlet Heart was just looking at Cullen’s beautiful face. ‘What is he planning? Is this something serious?’ Scarlet Heart thought.

Cullen grabbed the other one and started drin
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