CHAPTER 117: Giving The Same Feeling, But..

CHAPTER 117: Giving The Same Feeling, But..

No one’s POV:

“What are you going to confess? Are you in love with me? Oh, stop that Scarlet Heart.” Cullen said and then laughed at her. He was tipsy and laughing like crazy.

‘He is drank.’ Heart thought and then sighed.

Cullen paused from drinking and looked at Scarlet Heart. He touched her leg and caressed it.

“I went to bar not to fuck anyone just because Reina and I did not meet today, I went there because I wanted to just drink. It just happened I found you, Scarlet Heart and I wanted to confirm my feelings towards you.” Cullen said.

‘So I really thought he went there to fuck any strippers because he and I did not meet in the office to have our sex. But, I am still really feeling so guilty about this. He is in too much pain because of me. I am so cruel but he is my boss at work and the son of the richest family in Japan.’ Scarlet Heart thought.

Scarlet Heart then leaned closer to Cullen and gave him a hug to comfort him. Cullen felt s
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