CHAPTER 118: A Serious Conversation

CHAPTER 118: A Serious Conversation

No one’s POV:

Cullen saw her crying. “Hey, why are you crying? Are you hurt because I did not choose you? I never thought that upon chasing you, you will be the one who will fall in love with me!” Cullen teased her while asking.

Scarlet Heart shook her head. “No, no! I have a boyfriend, duh! I am just crying because I am so moved because of your story. You love her so much but you respect her by not telling her that you love her since she is also in a relationship.” Scarlet Heart lied. ‘I am crying because I really want to be with you but I can’t tell you the truth. I am really scared, Cullen Lee.’ Heart thought.

Cullen chuckled. “Oh, well, as long as I can hold myself, I will. But if I can’t hold it anymore, I might just be crazy and steal her from her boyfriend. Hahaha!” Cullen laughed.

Scarlet Heart laughed as well.

Cullen then hugged Scarlet Heart’s naked body. “I wonder how it feels like having sex every now and then, you might be doing this
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