CHAPTER 119: The Day He Said “I Miss You”

CHAPTER 119: The Day He Said “I Miss You”

No one’s POV:

Scarlet Heart just smirked and shook her head. “Of course I am not even affected. It is only a job. My heart belongs to the one whom I love.” Scarlet responded and scoffed. Cullen nodded. “Oh, I see. Okay then, I shall sleep now. Let’s sleep now, Scarlet Heart. This is our last night, please always take care and I am really thankful for your service.” Cullen thanked Scarlet Heart and then lied down on the bed. Scarlet Heart followed him to lie down as well and they were facing one another.

“Thanks too, Mr. Cullen Lee.” Scarlet Heart thanked him.

Cullen Lee held her cheek. “But, I was really addicted to you. It was until I realized my choice and real feelings. I am into my secretary. But, I can’t understand this, like whenever I am with you, my heart beats the same whenever I am with my secretary. It is the same feelings and spark.” Cullen randomly opened up.

Scarlet Heart’s chest tightened and then she exhaled and hugged him. “I
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