CHAPTER 120: Being With You Again

CHAPTER 120: Being With You Again

No one’s POV:

Cullen woke up from the hotel room, he realized that Scarlet Heart was already gone. He went to the bathroom and he found her lingerie, etc there. Cullen grabbed them and looked at them. “Maybe I should return it to her or just in their bar.” Cullen said. He put it inside his bag and then took a bath.

While taking a shower, he suddenly remembered Heart. ‘I have not seen her, now that I am not with Scarlet Heart anymore, I am feeling empty again. I miss Reina so much.’ He thought and continued letting the water flow through his skin.

After taking a bath, he wore his new suit as it was already there. They own the hotel so nothing is impossible for him. He left the hotel room peacefully and went straight to the department store. He took his car and he kept on looking at the passenger seat next to him. “I miss her, I just want to acknowledge that right now, I am really missing her. Not only the sex. I really miss her.” Cullen mumbled and the
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