CHAPTER 147: The Dilemma

CHAPTER 147: The Dilemma

No one’s POV:

But Scarlet Heart shook her head and looked at Henry Kang. “I am sorry, I don’t do sex with anyone if he is not my boyfriend, except for work.” Scarlet Heart refused Henry Kang’s offer.

Henry Kang felt bad. “Why? Do you have a boyfriend?” He curiously asked. Scarlet Heart then removed his hand from her arm. She nodded. “Yes, I have. So, since I am not working here anymore, there is no reason for us to have sex even if you pay me.” Scarlet Heart explained.

Henry Kang understood it.

“But, you are just wearing that kind of clothing, would you like me to send you home? To be honest, I will return to South Korea again tomorrow, you know how busy I am, but I always look for you.” Henry Kang stated.

Scarlet Heart looked at herself and realized that it was difficult to go home with those clothes. She sighed and then looked away. “I will take a cab instead.” Scarlet Heart refused.

“Okay, go ahead, please take care, Scarlet Heart.” Henry Kang said. He was
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