CHAPTER 149: My Boss Is Outside My Apartment

CHAPTER 149: My Boss Is Outside My Apartment

No one’s POV:

‘Aish, what should I do? Should I just run now? Or just pass by like normal? As his employee, I did not even report to him. Aish, I am so doomed.’ Heart thought. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

But then, Cullen suddenly got up. He then noticed Heart but she was still not facing him, she was just standing three meters away from him.

“Miss Reina?” Cullen called her. Heart opened her eyes and felt goosebumps. ‘Damn, he recognized me.’ She thought. She then turned around and smiled awkwardly and waved her hand at the shoulder level. “Oh, hi, Mr. CEO Cullen Lee.” She greeted him. ‘I hope he already forgot what he confessed to me or just stop liking me.’ Heart was praying in her thoughts.

Cullen then walked towards her and grabbed her arm. He then dragged her a little and pinned her on the wall. They were looking into each other’s eyes. Cullen was so serious looking into her eyes while Heart was so shocked. Her eyes wid
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