CHAPTER 150: To Quit

CHAPTER 150: To Quit

No one’s POV:

‘No, what he is imagining will never happen.’ Heart thought. She then looked away and crossed her arms. “Please stand up.” She said.

Cullen was sniffing. He shook his head while looking up at her. “No, I will not stand up until you give me an answer. You love me, don’t you?” Cullen said while he was wiping his tears away and was trying to stop from crying.

Heart then looked at him and furrowed her eyebrows. She was glaring at him. “You can now stand up, my answer is no. I don’t love you. The one I love is my boyfriend. You are just my boss, that is it.” Heart lied.

Cullen then stood up and glared at her. “That is not true. I know what you feel!” He insisted.

Heart scoffed and then shook her head. She looked at him again seriously. “Please stop, Mr. Cullen Lee, everything was just for work.” She lied again. She then turned around and walked towards her main door. “I will go now. You better go home, sir.” She said coldly.

Cullen felt so hurt and abando
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