CHAPTER 152: Can’t Stop Fucking You

CHAPTER 152: Can’t Stop Fucking You

No one’s POV:

Heart’s eyes widened when Cullen said that. She then looked away. “No, I don’t love you, that sex was just our normal sex. I let you fuck me because you are my boss, that’s it.” Heart lied. Cullen then pressed his body against her again. He then started licking her neck and giving soft kisses. Heart was feeling aroused again because of that. Cullen began massaging her boob while kissing her neck.

“Hey, Mr. Cullen Lee, I am no longer your sex slave, why are you being like this?” Heart asked.

Cullen was just kissing her neck and Heart was feeling wet down there. Cullen’s hand from her boob crawled down and started fingering her again. He then lifted his head and then looked at her face again. “See? You are so wet again.” Cullen teased her.

Heart was just looking at his handsome face. “My body just got used because we do sex everyday and everynight, that’s it.” Heart lied.

Cullen chuckled and then he stopped fingering her. He then sat d
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