CHAPTER 154: Keep On Hiding

CHAPTER 154: Keep On Hiding

No one’s POV:

Heart was trying to calm down and then she gulped. “Um, what is it, Annie?” She asked. Annie then grinned. “Your apartment, how long you are lIving there? Don’t you have plans to move out?” Annie asked.

‘Whew, so Annie is just asking me for random, I thought it was about the Lee Apartment Complex.’ Heart thought and felt relieved.

“Um, maybe for more almost 10 years?” She answered

Annie just nodded. “I see.” She responded and they continued catching up. But then she asked about Heart’s indefinite leave.

“Um, Heart, why did you file for indefinite leave? Meaning, Cullen will not have a secretary anymore? If that’s so, you may also just return to our department then.” Annie said.

Heart looked away. “Um, this is for Dimitri, I think he needs me nowadays, I have been so busy from work and did not have any time for him.” Heart answered and then looked at Annie. “Now, I will be with him all the time.” Heart lied but it looked sincere.

Annie felt tou
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