CHAPTER 228: Charlotte's Past Part 4

CHAPTER 228: Charlotte's Past Part 4

No one's POV:

"Please let me out, I want you so badly!" Lucas said. Charlotte replied, "I'll decide when you get let out! In fact, you've seen enough for a while!" As she replaced the blindfold.

She then settled down on the bed and began playing with her rabbit vibrator. He was beside himself, totally at her mercy. She loved it, her pussy was so wet the vibrator was gliding in and out with ease.

Then Charlotte started telling him what she was doing, "I'm so wet, my rabbit is sliding in and out so easily. I'm thinking about your cock. I want to put my mouth around it and suck all your cum out of it!"

Lucas was standing there unable to move, it was killing him, and that served to make both him and Charlotte more horny. He listened to her every moan and groan and knew she was close. Then the volume went up and he let out a scream that he was sure the people in the room beside them would have heard! They didn't care.

It was now time for the next phase
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