CHAPTER 229: Charlotte's Past Part 5

CHAPTER 229: Charlotte's Past Part 5

No one’s POV:

After Lucas and Charlotte had a dirty night away in a hotel, they alway followed it with a dirty morning!

Lucas woke up very early and very horny. His mind raced back to the night before and his morning glory was begging for some attention. He got up and looked around the room. The sight of her clothes, heels and toys was enough to make him wish he was back there.

Charlotte was fast asleep and covered up by the quilt. Lucas looked at the clock. 07:28 it beamed in bright red numbers. He knew the rules. Don't even dream of touching her until at least 9am.

He got back into bed and looked through the video and pictures Charlotte had sent him. It was still a long wait until he was allowed to do anything. The sun was shining through the tops of the curtains and it looked like it was going to be a nice day!

Lucas's mind drifted off to what might be ahead of him that day. They had a few hours until they needed to go back to reality. The probl
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